Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 52- Cleveland to Fairview (to Erie)- 96 miles

After waiting out a mean rainstorm in Cleveland Heights, with two breakfasts and lovely conversation with our gracious hosts, Edie and Marty, we were on our way at 11:15. We had hemmed and hawed, considering taking the day off, doing fifty miles, or trucking all the way to Jamie's grandma's  house in Fairview, Pennsylvania. The latter didn't seem very likely, as it was already late, and Fairview was "84" miles away. Well, obviously, we went for it. It was epic, and it was more than 84 miles. Along the lake we rode, the terrain fairly flat and enjoyable. 
Rode through the charming establishment of Geneva-On-The-Lake, a 1950's-style tourist destination. 
Stopped at a farmer's market stand for peaches and plums. Stopped at Subway and wolfed down sandwiches, trying to beat sunset. Sunset came, and we were movin'. At the top of an exhausting hill, Jamie's brother, Brian, was pulled over with Gatorade for our burning legs. Six more miles, and dusk was turning into darkness, but with our lights flashing and legs trucking, we pulled into Fairview in record time. 
After chicken stir fry, rice, rolls, peach pie, and a Bud Light (thanks Grandma!), we threw our panniers into Jamie's mom (Debbie)'s car, and rolled out to her house in the Erie area. 
Ah, PA. Ah, sleep. 

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