Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 53- Fairview to Lake Erie State Park (New York)- 50 miles

On the road again! Jamie's brother and dad, Brian and Ron, joined us for the ride today, after breakfast and goodbyes. 
The wind was at our backs and a beautiful day was before us. 
Acres of grapes in the breeze had us breathing a sweet scent all day.
A brewing storm kept it cool. We stopped for a bit when it started thundering and lightning-ing. The wind was incredible. 
Then we crossed into New York!

Rolled into camp at 3 o' clock. Jamie's mom, Debbie, arrived shortly after to pick Brian and Ron up, so with the car, we all rode to Dunkirk and enjoyed dinner out. 
Back at our campsite, after goodbyes, the three of us enjoyed throwing rocks on the beach (guess who hit the beer can several yards away on her first try?), a gorgeous sunset over the lake, showers, and conversations. 

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