Sunday, September 1, 2013


We've been partying, lazing about, eating food, drinking beer (mostly Jeremy), sleeping, sight-seeing, and generally having a grand old time for the past several days. 
Eating popcorn.
Pittsburgh was awesome.  Jeremy's aunt and uncle are hilarious. I wish there had been a voice recorder on the entire time. Laughter was plentiful. 
Pierogies in Pittsburgh. 
Cool bridges. 
These cutie patooties. 
Peanut butter milkshakes and curly fries.
Jamie and me. With pink toenails. In Lake Erie. 
Presque Isle. 
Jeremy getting his luscious locks chopped off by his hottie wife. 
Tomorrow we are back on the road. 


  1. As we've done our rode trip across the country, trailing behind you, we've thought about you most of the day each day. Sometimes envisioning a little of what this journey must be like for you. How much you are learning and growing! We love you! Love Ruth and Krissy

  2. It was really nice meeting you and having you with us for a few days, Sara. I hope we will meet you again someday....have a great ride!