Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 54- Lake Erie State Park to Buffalo- 70 miles

Today's weather was beautiful. Cloudy, drizzly, a tailwind, cool (a little too cool at times), puffy clouds in all shades of gray...
You can't see it here, but we stopped at the top of a hill and could see the skyline of Buffalo, sinister and black under the clouds. It was really cool. 
Traffic really began to pick up 10-15 miles from Buffalo. Drivers don't know what to do with cyclists. They don't realize we're going more than two miles an hour. They don't respect us as a slow-moving vehicle. We're just people on bikes, and they need to be somewhere RIGHT NOW. 
Stopped in Hamburg, for taco salad and a delicious broccoli pizza. Called a Warmshowers host in Buffalo who appeared on his profile to be okay with short notice. So we called him up and scored the backyard of our dreams. After winding our way through downtown, not without confusion, we arrived to meet Cliff and Carol, set up tents, went to the grocery store, and enjoyed supper on the porch.

Thanks, Cliff and Carol!

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