Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 32- Gordon to Valentine- 95 miles

Well, a lot of things happened today, so for the sake of ease, here's a list:
Happy/smiling moments of the day:
Hearing the eruption of giggles after one of about ten pairs of boys' eyes gawking at me dared to say "Hi."
The nice man at the gas station who referred to me as "kiddo", said he was proud of me, and called me nuts when I told him I had friends in Crawford.
The smell of something divine- wheat, nutmeg, sagebrush, pumpkin, corn? wafting over the plains for most of the day.
Drinking sarsaparilla and charging my phone next to three old-ish country dudes who frequently used words like "shit" and "piss", and were very impressed with me. 
Talking to myself, to God, and rather boisterously composing songs and singing them in accents with hand motions. 
Meeting "Robbie", a 60-year-old cyclist headed West, and swapping tips, tricks, and tales of the road with him.
The nice trio of ladies at the grocery store in Cody during my lunner (
who wished me luck, said they'd pray for me, and wondered if I was crazy. 
My first turtle-saving mission! This little guy even peed on my front pannier. I'm never washing it!
Riding into Valentine at sunset, straight into a lovely park, and happening to camp next to a kind retired couple who come to Valentine every year looking for people to help.
Talking to a nice young man who would have shared a beer with me, had I not desperately wanted to go to bed. 
Aaand the challenges of the day:
Breaking another spoke and having only a very vague idea of how to fix it, and a next-to-none know-how as to true-ing a wheel.
Getting stung by a bee.
Accidentally rubbing a bunch of sidewall off my back tire because it wasn't sitting right.
Riding 40 miles with a stomach-ache due to overloading my body with dietary fiber (in particular: ten prunes, 3/4 of a can of refried beans).

...It was challenging, and it was beautiful.

$1.75 sarsaparilla 
$4 groceries

$5.75 total

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