Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 36- Hinton to Sioux Center- 36 miles

Alarm woke me up this morning. Within 30 minutes, I was ready to go. That includes camp tear-down, clothes-changing, teeth-brushing, water bottle-filling, shoes-putting-on, and even a few bites of breakfast-eating. Then I was on the road, and oh, what a beautiful morning it was. Mist settled in the rolling corn fields, all lit up in pink and yellow splashes of a cloudy sunrise. Yum. 

Less than three hours, a few raindrops, three bathroom stops, one park sliding
one funny sign,
and a few nice hills later, I arrived in Sioux  Center, which is kind of like Lynden, except that it's in Iowa. Christian Reformed Churches, a tree-lined main street, a farm smell... Upon entering Brothers Bike Shop and introducing myself ("Schripsema" and "Lynden" being key words), I was asked to please specify what exactly the problem was with my bike before striking up a game of Dutch bingo, because "we could be here for hours".
Chris Goedhart, a professor of agriculture at Dordt College, my dad's old best friend, and my host for the night, popped in to see if I'd made it into town, and hauled my stuff and me to his house. I showered, did laundry, and ate some food. He and his wife, Rin, came home from being out, and Chris took me back to the bike shop, where my bike was waiting for me, all freshly adjusted. And they charged me nothing but a picture of me with the bike mechanic! Thanks, guys!
Back at the house after a grocery run, I cooked up a to of broccoli and tapioca pudding, and promptly stuffed myself. I have been relaxing in the basement, laughing at the pitter patter of rain ever since. 
Rin has just offered me a cup of tea and an almond patty. I love the Midwest. 
$18 groceries

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