Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 40- Grafton to Decorah- 70 miles

My stay with Brian and Diana was awesome. BLT's, a burger, sweet corn, fruit, and THE BEST ice cream sundae were had for dinner. I slept in a feather bed and was fed breakfast. They loaded me up with snacks, and Brian rode out with me to Osage, where he works. 
Scenery was beautiful today. 
Church in the middle of nowhere.
Stopped at the bike shop in Decorah, where they trued my wheel for free!
I found the food co-op in Decorah kind of like a metal detector finds a piece of metal (come on, that was a good one)... Aaand promptly splurged on kombucha, magic peanut butter I'd heard rumors of, and other goodies. 

Went for ice cream, arrived at my host's, showered, ate another dinner, and chilled out until bedtime.

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