Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 44- Wales to Grand Rapids- 70 miles

I am so done with Wisconsin bike paths. They're great, but WHERE ARE THEY? AND WHERE THE HECK AM I?
Fortunately, a guardian angel on a recumbent met me at a crossroads (as I stared in disbelief at an unlabeled map trying to figure out where I was) and rode with me 10 miles to the ferry terminal. He even got a flat tire a few hundred yards before we got there, the dear heart. 
Thanks, Chuck! 
I was at the terminal at 10:30- plenty of time to spare. Checked in at 11, my bike was cleared, and rolled through the terminal in all its dirty glory. I was loaded up by 12:10, and we were off by 12:30. 
It was pretty cool, but I had been waiting for the ferry to eat lunch, and that was a mistake. A greasy hamburger from a package served on a white roll with a slice of American cheese dripping down the sides was going to cost me $9. I was starving, though, so I paid a ridiculous amount for a banana, a cup of yogurt, peanut M&M'S, and a chocolate milk. At least it didn't make me puke. I'm used to Washington ferries, where there are nice refrigerator cases full of snacks, and soups and salads and awesome sandwiches... Also, there was no wifi. I could swear I read somewhere there was going to be wifi. 
On the other side of the lake, in Muskegon, I checked in with my mom, who had said we had connections there. But Jamie and Jeremy, my old riding buddies, texted me and said they were in Grand Rapids, with dinner and a place to sleep. I double-checked my map to find I was only 40 miles away. It was 4:30, and I was hungry. But I decided to go for it. I raced through Muskegon, hoping to a. find the bike path that went from Muskegon to Marne (near Grand Rapids) and b. find something to eat. Well, I soon learned that when you are in Muskegon, you do not stop. For anything. Finally I got to a patch of grass not on the edge of the 'hood (okay, it wasn't that bad),  ripped open a package of fruit snacks with hungry-shaking hands, and shoved them all into my mouth. I followed this up by eating some peanut butter with my finger. Don't judge, cars. 
Then Google maps said there was a grocery store three miles away, so I kept on trucking, ran inside, grabbed a yogurt, bananas, and Raisin Bran, checked out (the checker was definitely checking me out, if you know what I mean), and scarfed down in the parking lot. 
I was in beast mode for those last 30 miles. I was a little worried about it getting dark, and so far, Google maps hadn't done a great job of taking me through neighborhoods I'd want to live in. So I was Wild Woman, Racer of Daylight. I actually growled a few times, to get my adrenaline pumped up. 
I arrived just as dusk began, was fed dinner, enjoyed s'mores around the fire, and ESPECIALLY WAS REUNITED WITH MY PRECIOUS CHUMS; JAMIE AND JEREMY. 
Trail pass $4
Food $12

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