Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Last day of rest in Crawford, Nebraska.

Sunday at the Lunds'. One of my favorite things. Sleeping in, lots of food, home church, a well-earned day of rest... They know how to take Sabbaths around here. 
On Wednesday, Trevor, my mongrel little pseudo brother at the ranch, and I went out for a short ride down the White River Trail, which runs between Crawford and Fort Robinson. My bicycle was wobbly and unruly without 50 pounds of gear taming it. I also ran about a mile of hills and did a calisthenics round with him. So much for resting ;)
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I went roofing with Jeff ( of my own accord). It is so nice for parts of my body besides my legs to be sore, and to see progress on something other than a map. And it makes this Sunday rest all the more rewarding. 
Friday evening, Katie and I got to see The  Drowsy Chaperone at the playhouse.
Saturday was Katie's birthday, and I got the privilege of horseback riding with her and one of her friends out at Fort Robinson. 

All in all, it has been a full week, smothered in blessings and (mostly) good memories ;)
My dear mother sent me a package that got here yesterday, containing my tennis shoes, new riding gloves, chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookies, Rice Krispie bars, nuts, Emergen-C, and a very healthy amount of dark chocolate. I love her.
My also dear dad has been planning out the last leg of this trip so that he can join me! I'm excited to be meeting up with him somewhere out east for the last 400 miles or so. 

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