Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 39- Britt to Grafton- 71 miles

That bed was the comfiest of comfy beds I have EVER slept in. In my life. I woke up fantastically refreshed, loaded up on breakfast, said goodbyes, and was off to who-knows-where. Thank you, DeBoers, for everything!

I zig-zagged all over the country roads, and even backtracked a few miles once... the roads in the eastern part of Iowa are not as perfectly gridded as the ones in the west. I stopped after 50 miles at the gas station in Manly (yes, Manly) 

and scarfed a footlong sub sandwich and an ice cream cone. Not too shabby for a gas station. Then I was headed to Orchard, but 7 miles outside of Manly, an unloaded cyclist was riding towards me and stopped beside me to ask about my trip. Her name is Diana, and she invited me to stay at her house, which was about 10 miles away. She rode with me, and the 10 miles flew by as we chatted. It was good to ride with somebody again. Pacing yourself is so easy!
I'm now at Diana and her husband, Bryan's beautiful remodeled farm house. Seriously, this house is gorgeous. I've been promised beer and BLT's for supper.
Oh, and apparently Orchard is where all the sex offenders live. Thank you, Lord!

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