Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 38- Gillett Grove to Britt- 86 miles

No, Gillett Grove to Britt shouldn't have been 86 miles...
I started the day off right with an egg, oatmeal, and an apple for breakfast at Jim and Carol's. They sent me off with hugs and well wishes. They were so much fun.

At one point today, I laid my bike down to go off into the grass and... pop a squat. Seven miles later, I stopped to take a picture and... my phone was gone. When I had laid my bike down, my phone had slipped out of my handlebar bag and was laying in the grass where I'd stopped. So. That tacked on an extra 15 miles.
Then I was getting hungry. I had planned on stopping in Rodman, but there was nothing there, and the next town looked a little more promising, so I pushed on an extra 8 miles to Whittemore, where there was... a Cenex. So I supplemented my oatmeal and chia seeds and cereal with peanut butter cheese crackers and an ice cream sandwich. Needless to say, I was still kinda hungry when I left. But Debbie, and old friend and my host for the night, was promising a meal in Britt, so I pushed on the last 30 miles and arrived a little after six.
Joel and Debbie used to pastor at the church we used to attend! They were awesome hosts. I had a divine shower, relaxed for a bit, and filled up on pork tacos for dinner.
...that was my attempt at capturing a fantastic green caterpillar I saw today.

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