Saturday, August 10, 2013

Every day, someone says/I say.

Where you from?/Washington State.
Where you going?/Maine.
That'll take you a while.
You're halfway there!
Are you insane?
Well don 't people bother you?/No.
Do you carry a gun?/...Pepper spray.
How old are you?/19.
What do your parents think of this?/They think I'm crazy.
You know you're giving your mother a heart attack, right?
What possessed you to do such a thing?/When I was 11, I asked my dad, "What's the farthest state from Washington ?" He said, "Probably Maine." So I said, "Let's bicycle there." So I am.
When'dja leave?/July 1.
When you gonna get there?/End of September.
What're you gonna do when you get there?/Fly home.
How do you eat?/Grocery stores.
Where do you sleep?/In a tent. At campgrounds. In city parks. At strangers' houses. 
So are you in college?/No.
Are you single?/...

Play on shuffle and repeat.

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