Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 34- Bassett to Plainview- 106 miles

Today was awesome. 
Woke up with the sun, and started pedaling at 6:45. An awesome sunrise streaked across the sky for the next hour due to the clouds. Passed through several very cool small towns before reaching Atkinson at mile 30. It was 9:30, and I bought apples and cheese sticks. Yum. After breakfast, a few miles down the road, the smell of yeast nearly blew me over, and it started sprinkling. I didn't mind either, really. When it really started raining, I pulled the handy dandy fluorescent yellow rain cover over my "new" back panniers. It worked like a charm. I stopped a few miles later in O' Neill, a pretty steady rain pitter-pattering the blacktop. I burned time up I the library, where they set me up with a laptop, the "good Internet" password, and specially printed and laminated a teeny little map of the US with the emergency numbers of every state! Thank you!
After a while, the sun peaked out, and I rolled out of O' Neill. Several miles out of town, I had to take a detour due to road construction, but I didn't mind because a. I got the 10 foot wide shoulder and b. it allowed for the perfect space between towns to make a century ride! 
I loved the stretch between Link 45B and Plainview. Orchard, NE was one of my favorite towns so far, and I can't quite place why. It was just... IT. 
Oh, part of the reason might have been having a moment of euphoria while simultaneously listening to Beautiful Eulogy, realizing I was going to make a century ride today, and passing an old Amish/Hutterite lady smiling and waving in a horse drawn buggy.

I finally reached Plainview, Klown Doll capital of the world, and camped in the city park. Oatmeal and canned vegetables for dinner. Was strangely not hungry today. Will probably be ravenous tomorrow.

Oh, by the way:
Someone is blasting a stereo next door at the city pool, and switching songs every minute and a half.
...Please let me sleep.
$7 groceries

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  1. Sweet dreams, Miss Pink. Love the tan. You'll be a hit on the beach in Bar Harbor.