Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 30- Hot Springs to Crawford, NE- 70 miles

I am finally here. 
Today's ride was definitely one of the most beautiful thus far. In fact, I would venture to say it was second only to Washington Pass. Buttes, rocky bluffs, grassland, a good dose of hills, a big blue sky, and puffy white clouds. It might have helped that I was riding towards a huge bluff that I recognized, and towards people that I love and missed dearly, but nonetheless, the scenery was starkly beautiful. 
Nobody for miles and miles

Roadside lunch break, where I ate way too much trail mix and topped it off with a granola bar. Ugh.
Happy day!
I swear, upon crossing the South Dakota/Nebraska border, the temperature shot up about 5 degrees, and crawled up another 5 degrees over the next hour or so. I downed all the water I could, but still ended up with a headache. Right when I thought I was going to collapse with a heat stroke, the sight of the Crawford Cemetery pushed me up the last little hill and into the booming metropolis of Crawford. Home, sweet home. Rolled into Staab's where I treated myself to an ice cream cone- not an Ione cone, but a frosty treat nonetheless- and waited there for Kim, who picked me and my bike up so I wouldn't have to pedal the last 7 dusty miles.
I am so. happy. to be here amongst familiarity for a while, with no territory to cover, no bike to strain against (although Trevor is threatening me with a ride up the hill)... Life is good.


  1. Good job!! So happy you made it and you are happy and safe!!!

  2. Yay! You made it! We miss you and hope to meet up with you again (soon!). Oh yeah, we road 132 miles today, it was epic :)