Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day two- Lynden to Rasar State Park

Yesterday I made the short ride out to near the Canadian border, where I met two very weary travelers; Ken and Emi, who will be my cycling buddies for the next few weeks. They are so lovely. We shared an evening over dinner and dessert, and they spent the night at my house.
This morning, we were all at the breakfast table by 7:15, and out the door by 9:15, after a bit of a teary farewell from my parents. We followed Highway 9, to 542, to 9, to 20. I stopped in Sedro-Woolley at mile 47 or so, a little after 1, and Ken and Emi caught up around 2:30 (Emi has had only one month of very light training, and she is doing AWESOME!). While I waited, I stretched, filled my water bottles at the info center, applied sunscreen, and ate trail mix , leftover quinoa salad from last night's dinner, and date paste. When Emi and Ken caught up, they grabbed lunch from a business plaza, we sat at a red picnic table, ate, then stopped by Rite Aid for some eggs and gum. On the road again, I stuck with Ken, and we stopped a few times to wait up for Emi, whose legs will soon be bulging. 
After another 12 miles, we reached our campsite around six, checked out the river, set up our tents, and ate dinner. I was treated to a delicious bok choy ramen with eggs by Emi and Ken. It was topped off with trail mix, granola, and a hot shower. 
The odometer reads 60. It was a good day. 
Gum $0.99
Campsite $4 ($12 hiker/biker site split 3 ways)
Shower $0.50
Total: $5.49


  1. How exciting Sara. I look forward to following your adventure! Is there a way to subscribe or will you always post a link on Facebook?