Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22- Glasgow to Wolf Point- 56 miles

Today's exhaustion brought to you by a headwind. Fifty-six miles of headwind. Started out by running errands in town- I needed some flip flops, quick-dry underwear and a bike shop to look at my tire. No bike shop, and no flip flops, unless I wanted $25 Nike flip flops or "fashion" flip flops that would have melted in the slightest dampness. However, we did score on underpants, and they immediately gave me a bit of a wedgie, so I wrote a little ditty: I bought a new kind of pants for my butt, and upon application, my derrière said, "what?"
I know, it's beautiful.
So still nursing a soggy, slowly leaking tire, we rolled out. We stopped about 15 miles into our ride for a lunch at a place called Bergie's, where our waitress obviously hated her job. Jamie and Jeremy ate cheeseburgers, and, not quite hungry yet, I sat and drank all the water, and discussed scandalous issues with them. 
Casey and Zandy then rolled up, and we took off with them. We pedaled into the headwind forever and ever. 
Ten miles from Wolf Point, a very drunk Native American man stopped us to discuss our route. His sweet little granddaughters gave us bottles of water and let us pet their little puppy. The man, who's name was supposedly Mocassin, was hysterical, and very kind. The girls were sweet and starved for attention. 
When we finally reached town, it was what we expected. Drunks staggering around in the park. Sketchy people scoping out cute girls. We ate in a restaurant, stopped by Albertson's for cookies and cookie dough, and slugged out our last mile to the city pool/park, where a plethora of kids- mostly Natives- swarmed the pool and locker rooms. Showering in the locker rooms in our underwear with little Native Americans begging for attention (and shampoo) was an awesome experience in itself. It was like being in a third world country. 
After our second dinner of duplex cookies, vanilla Oreos, and cookie dough, I took my back wheel off and took everything apart. This time, I carefully ran my hands over everything and finally found a little tiny piece of wire- probably 1/4 millimeter long- sticking into the tire. Jeremy worked at it for a few minutes with a needle nose pliers, and finally got it out. Ridiculous. 
Thunderstorms are predicted for tonight and tomorrow, so we have our rain flies staked out and everything safe and sound under tarps. Goodnight!

$13.50 dinner
$5.50 groceries
$4 camping 

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  1. sounds exhausting! Way to go! You are a rockstar!!!