Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 25- Glendive to Baker- 85 miles

Casey had a bit of an adventure last night. He was pretty drunk coming to camp from the bar last night. Apparently he has had trouble drunkenly sleepwalking, but this time he walked 2 miles back to Makoshika, came to, headed back towards town, and fell asleep in the gazebo we'd rested at after yesterday's lunch. All without shoes on. It was a little scary for all of us- Zandy, his girlfriend, had even called the police and filled out a missing persons report. But we all had a good laugh about it, too. 
When our crew was accounted for and ready, we rolled back out to Makoshika and explored the park a little more thoroughly. 
It was beautiful, but I was feeling like crap. I wasn't getting enough oxygen or sugar or blood or something! to my brain. So before leaving town, we stopped at a gas station to refuel. 
You'll all be proud to know that I, Sara Schripsema, stood next to a Loaf n' Jug, chugging a Muscle Milk and chowing down on frosted animal cookies. I know. Disgusting. But, 30 miles later, rolling into Wibaux, I felt great!
Ah, Wibaux (pronounced Wee-bo). This is where I left Jamie, Jeremy, Zandy, and Casey to head south. We stopped at a gas station, where an awesome dude bought us snacks, and then said our goodbyes with sorrow and anticipation for meeting back up again in Michigan. Jamie and Jeremy have been such great brother/sister figures to me, and I have thoroughly enjoyed traveling with them, (and all the antics that ensue when we get tired:))... See you soon, guys!
I'd thought about calling it a day in Wibaux, but after downing a Clif bar, a banana, trail mix, and more frosted animal cookies (which, by the way, were a parting gift from Jamie and Jeremy! Thanks, you two!), I decided to take advantage of the tailwind and book it to Baker. 
It was one of the most beautiful rides of the trip thus far. Some challenging hills, rolling farmland, awesome rock formations... And I had a bright sunny tailwind to boot. 
I got to Baker with daylight to spare, and am now in my tent in the city park getting sleepy. Goodnight!
This little guy was hitching a ride with me today.

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  1. oh no! you are on your own? why did you have to split from the others? praying for you!!