Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 20- Havre to Dodson- 74 miles

We'd hoped to get on the road early, as we'd heard scary things about the stretch between Havre and Chinook, so I woke up and told myself to get a move on. Buuuut glancing at my phone, I found it was already 7:55. It has been a long night. 
We finally rolled out around ten, to find I had a flat. I changed my tube, but found nothing wrong with the tube or tire... 
We stopped at a bike shop and got our tires topped off, another spare tube for me, and Jeremy's Brooks saddle tightened. While Jeremy chatted with the bike shop guy, Jamie and I hit up the farmer's market, a pretty sad little pod of tables set up, and scored some carrots and fresh green beans. Yum.
Havre to Chinook was bad, but not horrible. We got smoked out by a pickup truck, and buzzed by a few RV's, but nothing terribly out of the ordinary. 
In Chinook, we got groceries. While sprawled out all over the sidewalk, wolfing down cereal, yogurt, fruit, and candy, and congratulating each other for our caloric milestones, many a friendly Montanan came up and made conversation. One man even bought us tickets to the Wildlife Museum! It was fantastic- a must see in the charming little town of Chinook. 
We saw a baby coyote today! Just chilling out on the side of the road, its cute little head poking out of the grass, watching us curiously. 
We'd hoped to make it to Malta, but Dodson-about 17 miles from Malta-ended up being our stopping point. 
We camped and showered for free! And much kettle corn was eaten. The bugs are insane. We threw legitimate hissy fits at them. 

$2 gum
$13 groceries
$2 kettle corn

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  1. Awww.... Yes, MT is definitely known for rather LG insects. And most truly enjoy driving humans crazy. Still loving sharing your journey.