Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 23- Wolf Point to Circle- 55 miles

Got held up in Wolf Point with a rainstorm. Hung out in the library and started reading Jerry Spinelli's latest, Hokey Pokey. Jerry Spinelli is a road trip tradition for me (also a road trip tradition: fun flavors of gum!) so it's quite fitting that his latest novel has much to do with a bicycle.
Finally got back on the road. Stopped in Vida for a sandwich at the only business in town; the bar. My "ham sandwich" was a 3/4" thick slab of salty spiral-cut on a white bun with a sorry stack of pickles on the side. But it was $4.50... 
When we rolled into Circle, we caught the gas station/grocery store just before closing and picked up a few things. 
After okay-ing it with the police,  we camped in the city park. It was a great little park, and a big, yellow, full moon rose from the horizon. 
$5 sandwich
$6 groceries
$11 total

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