Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 21- Dodson to Glasgow-90 miles

Another beautiful day of taking in the plains.
I woke up to a bit of a soft tire again,  and nursed it all day, pumping it up every stop. Will get it checked out tomorrow at a bike shop in Glasgow. 
Free breakfast at the fairgrounds! I love the Midwest!
Met up with Zandy and Casey on the trail today! Rode together, and are camping together at Sullivan park in Glasgow, MT. 
Our lunch stop in some tiny town I forget the name of was lovely. Peanut butter cheese crackers, a cheese stick, an orange creamsicle, a banana with peanut butter, 2 Tootsie Rolls, and a lot of ice water revived me for the last 30 miles of the day. While there, a little pickup truck crammed with 4 teenagers drove up and yelled, "Hey, bicycle lady! Wanna go tubing down the river?" I declined, to which they protested loudly, and teased me about being a west coast yuppie. I betcha they've never skinned a squirrel, or even know how to drive a tractor. Anyway, I might have missed out on an underaged drunk fest, and sorry Mom, looks like I also lost my chance to pick up that Montana rancher. Darn. 
The now five of us rolled into Glasgow, where we picked up groceries, got permission from the police to camp in the park, and cooked dinner amidst the cloud of gnats and mosquitoes that has been following us around with evil intentions.  

$18 groceries
$4 lunch food 


  1. Baahaa... Our Sara a west-coast yuppie? If they only knew you. This made me laugh out loud :)

  2. Missed the opportunity to go tubing with a bunch of guys? Montana boys? Smart girl.... Made you're daddy proud. And grateful.