Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 5- Bike barn to Okanogan- 60 miles

After a refreshing night of sleep, we rode the six miles to Winthrop and did a little grocery shopping and breakfast scrounging. I ate a cup of yogurt, a banana, and the rest of the granola I'd brought from home. Then, our appetites only slightly satisfied, we rode 13(?) miles to Twisp and split a large pizza between the three of us. Loup Loup Pass was imminent. 
...And it was brutally hot until the summit. 
I downed the last of my trail mix, a ton of water, and Jamie and Jeremy soon rolled up behind me, ready for the descent.  Jeremy leads the descents, because he's brave. And a man. 
And then we turned onto B &O Rd... We were supposed to turn on B&O South Rd. Did I mention we were hungry? 
Six miles extra later, we arrived in Okanogan, dreaming of buffets and burritos, and arrived only to find the only thing open on a Friday night was a 21+ pub. Disappointed and starving, we struggled onto the fairgrounds and ate what little was in our panniers. For me, that included a Clif bar, a banana, and the most disgusting can of mixed veggies I've ever tasted. A very kind, very drunk camper came and gave us more bananas to add to our sorry dinner. 
$7.60 Groceries 
$6 pizza
$5 camping

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