Monday, July 1, 2013

Day one... Semiahmoo to Lynden

... Well, sort of.
I rode the nine miles to church and back, chuckling to myself about the fact that Sunday is probably the most dangerous day to ride your bike in Lynden. After church, I re-packed my panniers, laid down in the living room for a few minutes in the cool breeze, and took off for Semiahmoo (the bay), a nice 22 mile ride away. Yesterday was a blazing 86 degrees, hot enough to make us Washingtonians melt, and I was surprised by how fast I was ripping through my water. I met my mom and dad, and some good family friends there at the beach, where I gave them a tour of my bike and gear, we had a prayer-beer-and-watermelon-eating circle, and took some epic Pacific Ocean tire-dipping pictures. My dad and "Uncle" Brent made the beautiful dusk ride home with me. My odometer read 56 miles at the end of the day, and today I feel great. 

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  1. hurray! I made it into one of your posts! thinking of you every day! go miss sara!