Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 28-Sturgis to Hermosa- 60 miles

Woke up in my fluffy cloud of a bed in Sturgis this morning, ready to face another day. Bowl of cereal for breakfast number one. Got a picture with Tip, who has grown a fair bit since I saw him last. 
Then the usual morning business ensued. Grocery store for yogurt. Gas station pit stop and water fill-up. A guy came into the grocery store and said he'd seen me riding in and followed me into the store to ask me if I was the girl on television who was riding across the country staying in churches/halfway houses/shelters/etc. He said I looked just like her (very pretty). I was...flattered. 
For the first few miles, it was Washington Pass all over again. Who knew my granny gear would be most utilized in South Dakota. It was a beautiful ride, though, with a cool thunderstorm chasing me. I zipped my rain jacket on and rode in the spitting rain.
 Reached Nemo, where I bought peach rings in order to obey the "bathroom is for paying customers only" sign. I'm such a goody-goody sometimes. Then I ended up having to buy bottled water anyways, since the tap water was contaminated. Arg. I rested and waited out the rain on the porch of the mercantile, and ate a whole lot of food. Because what else is there to do while you wait out a rainstorm other than nom on peachy-o's and frosted animal cookies? 
Then onto Rapid City. The ride was awesome. Until Rapid City. Maybe I've just been in the country too long, but I couldn't stand that city. Here in Hermosa, 20 miles away, I'm almost still on edge. Maybe it's partly the highway, I don't know. Rapid City just seemed like another Havre. Blech.
I did stop at Safeway on my way out, and stocked up on groceries again. My food bills seem to have gone up in the past few days... 
The twenty miles to Hermosa were tough. I had another mean headwind, and I think I'm just getting plumb wore out. I can't wait to be in Nebraska for a few days, setting my butt on a different kind of saddle.
There was a Warmshowers host listed in Hermosa, with sort-of directions, but I didn't feel like using my brain or body anymore, and there was no phone number or address listed, so I stood outside a church, looked up the church phone number, and got ahold of the pastor's wife, asking her if I could pitch my tent behind the sanctuary. She came over to the church, unlocked it for me, showed me around, and told me to make myself at home! Wow. Again with the hospitality thing. Thanks so much, Our Savior's Lutheran Church of Hermosa, South Dakota!
I'm happy as a clam and safe inside. 
Nighty-night, world.
^these were in Safeway. Uhh......??  Has anyone seen them before? 

$2 yogurt
$4 peachy-o's and water
$20 groceries
$26 total

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