Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 26- Baker to Buffalo, South Dakota- 92 miles

First order of the day: laundry and showers. This morning was freeeezing. Forty-five degrees, breezy, and cloudy. First I hit up the convenience store, and asked if there was a grocery store in town. I got: "Yeah, you're gonna head over to the four-way, make a thataway (here she motions with her hand all twisted up weird), go down the little hoopla, and it'll be on your right."
Uh.  Thanks. Needless to say, I had to go the wrong way and ask the nice old man at the auto parts store. 
When I did finally arrive at the local Reynold's, I spent a small fortune, then I rushed over to the RV park, where I'd inquired last night about a shower.  I got an un-timed shower for free! Thanks, Lakefront RV Park! Last but possibly the best part of the day, I hid out in a laundromat getting all my clothes clean, charging my phone, and stuffing myself with breakfast. 
Finally on the road at 11:30 or so, I started out with a headwind.  But crossing the Montana/North Dakota border totally made up for it. Montana is DONE. 
I stopped in Marmarth to chow some more and use the restrooms. Also got one water bottle filled with purified water- a treat out here. The tap water the last few days has been disgusting. 
Twenty-five miles later in Bowman, past a bunch of windmills and sunflowers and finally some corn!, I ate two cheese sticks, Ritz, an apple, and a pint of chocolate milk. I love bike touring. I also stopped at the visitor's center to get a South Dakota map, and got the usual "are you insane?" shpiel from the kind old man there. 
Off to Buffalo, I raced daylight. Crossing the North Dakota/South Dakota border was cool until they decided to not replace the shoulder along with the rest of the road, and put rumble strips on the microscopic shoulder there was. Thanks, South Dakota. 
Thank God for Ludlow. I had to pee, and Wikipedia said there was nothing in Ludlow. In fact, there was a bar/restaurant manned by a very vibrant middle-aged woman who pretty much ran the town. I hurriedly walked in, and she said, "Hi, you okay?" To which I replied, "Yeah, I just really gotta pee!" She had me sign the special spot at her bar- the spot in the corner that rarely gets wiped, so the signatures will stay. She was really fun. Ludlow was really cool. 
Off the last 20 miles, and sunset was approaching.

It was beautiful riding in the sunset. Some people just don't know how to drive, though. If you've got a dotted yellow line, do not fly past me honking your horn! I am allowed to be on the road! You are allowed to be in the other lane!
I rolled into Buffalo just in time, and stopped at Cenex for a can of pork and beans, water, and directions to the campgrounds. At "Roadside Park", I just enjoyed my pork and beans, the rest of the sleeve of Ritz, and frosted animal cookies for dessert. You think I'm bad, but these are actually relatively healthy foods considering what's available around here. Plus, there's the whole needing-4000-calories-a-day thing, which is hard to attain on carrot sticks and yogurt. 
Off to bed I go.
Goodnight, Buffalo.

P.S. I really appreciate all your extra prayers as I'm on the road without companions now. 
$28 groceries
$3.25 laundry
$3 groceries
$2 groceries
$36 total


  1. Oh Miss Sara, I will most certainly be saying extra prayers for you. Each moment in the day when the Lord brings you to my mind I will lift you up in prayer. One question for you...if you are going to be meeting up with your biking friends later why Did you part ways? Just a question coming from a momma that wants you safe.

  2. You're in South Dakota already?! wow!!!! way to go Sarah!!!

  3. Remember, don't ride faster than the squadron of guardian angels currently assigned to you can fly!