Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 4- Newhalem to barn bicycle camping

We climbed a mountain! 
Jamie, Jeremy, and I rocketed up Washington Pass like champions. Three times, cars stopped to fill our water bottles. If not for them, we might have died... For reals, doh.
There was a sorry lack of food that day. Seriously, somebody needs to open a taco truck at the top. You would make a killing. Our ride was fueled by a sorry breakfast and trail mix.
We descended into Mazama with an awesome tailwind, and chowed down bratwursts and ice cream. 
Still hungry, we flew the six miles to barn bicycle camping, where we got special 4th of July wine and salad, awesome hot showers, and a beautiful, windy night of sleep.
$2.50 ice cream cone
$6.50 brat
$10 camping
Total: $19

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