Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 29- Hermosa to Hot Springs- 38 miles

Took a much-needed short day today. Tomorrow I will reach Crawford and spend a few days (maybe a week?) with Jeff, Kim, Katie, and Trevor Lund, whom I worked alongside last July-October on their ranch. Their grandparents (whom I'd also gotten acquainted with), Dale and Donna Steineke, offered to host me in their beautiful home in Hot Springs. I knew Hermosa to Hot Springs was only about 40 miles, so, promised a hot shower, a real bed, familiar faces, and an afternoon off, I rode the 38 miles in record time. I started off early in order to beat the wind (was off and pedaling by about 7:30, woot woot!), and arrived around 11.
The clock just chimed 4 o' clock. I've taken a shower, eaten lunch, talked with Donna (Donna and Dale left at 12:15 and are out for the afternoon), and watched about as much television as I can stand (so... About 2 hours' worth). 
Time goes so fast! It's weird not riding my bike. What do people do? I guess I should look at maps, plan out tomorrow, reply to emails, re-organize my panniers, and write postcards. But I'm too busy sitting on the couch. The only productive thing I've done is drink a bunch of water. Life is good.
Jeremy wrote a fantastic (and very relatable) ode to a cyclist's hunger over on their blog at 
(Okay, so Dale and Donna just came home with blackberry beer. Have I mentioned I love South Dakota?)
Anyways, replacing the 3,000-6,000 calories a touring cyclist burns every day is almost as much work as burning it. When your whole body revolts at the thought of another handful of trail mix, and yet you down another mittful of almonds, raisins, and dark chocolate M&M's (my current recipe of choice), THAT is commitment, folks. Phew. Some of my favorite fuel thus far has been goldfish crackers, canned baked beans or pork and beans, breakfast cereal, and my morning yogurt. Also, BURRITOS.
However, balancing quality, quantity, and economy is a very delicate matter. I could fuel fifty miles with a few Little Debbie snacks for a dollar, but I would feel like crap. Or I could run on a nice salad for ten miles at $8 and feel great...
$4 chocolate milk and gum

The riding was beautiful today.

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  1. What about cans of Stagg Chili (includes beans, veggies, meat (well, we THINK it's meat) heated up with half a package of cream cheese (lots of calories in there!) eaten with a bag of corn chips (salt, good fats if you get the right kind)? That's what I had for dinner the other night, and I'd only ridden 20 miles!