Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 11- Sandpoint to Bull River- 50 miles

This was a beautiful day. 
We rode along farmlands, next to mountains, with osprey, deer, and gophers plentiful. All the farmers were out baling their hay. We stopped in Clark Fork and picked up an ice cream sandwich. Split three ways, the monstrosity was still quite satisfying.
We stopped in another grocery store just after crossing into Montana, and it was much like the first one in Clark Fork- fresh baked bread, bulk foods, slices of pie, all at very reasonable prices. There was no Welcome to Montana sign on our beautiful gravel road route, so we stopped at a realty place a few miles in, and did our Montana jig in the front. 

After lining up a Warmshowers in Libby, MT, we decided to quit at Bull River recreation area. Mosquitos feasted on us, and we feasted on discounted expired packages of spaghetti and rice. 

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  1. So loving your posts. Keep em coming. Your gonna love MT, my beautiful birth state.