Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 7- Tonasket to Republic- 37(?) miles

Today was kind of one of those days. 
It started off with a fantastic breakfast by Ivetta. Pancakes , bacon, eggs, peanut butter, home canned apricots... Yum. I think I ate about 1300 calories in just breakfast. She loaded us up with cookies, we used her son's pump to top off our tires, and took off for Wauconda Pass. 
^sweet Ivetta.
I noticed a rubbing noise coming from my back tire a few miles in, and stopped to check it out. Jeremy helped me try to true my wheel a little bit and figure out where it was coming from. A mile or so later, on a road full of blissfully unaware and/or ignorant jerks blasting past us, a gunshot rang through the hill. My tube had exploded.
Have I mentioned Jamie and Jeremy are awesome? They stayed cool, helped me unload my bike, and were patient with my inexperienced hands fumbling with my bike. 
We reached the little Wauconda store and sat outside for a bit, snacking, laughing, and cloud watching. At about 3:30, we dragged ourselves up the rest of the pass, and coasted most of the way down into Republic. Being a Sunday, not much was open. I called the owner of the local bike shop, and he ever so graciously interrupted his Sunday afternoon and met us at our camping spot with two new tubes for me.
Lentils, tuna, trail mix, crackers, and peanut butter for dinner. 
Now it is 9:30, and raining. But it smells nice, it's cool, and my tent is keeping me somewhat dry. 
Avocado and 3 apples: $5
Two new tubes: $10


  1. Thank you so much for your daily updates. thankful that you are having a good adventure! Praying for you every day. Lots of love to you from Brent and Ruth.

  2. May not comment every day, but, enjoying your trip without having to do the work. BRAVO! Heidi price (mijo's mom)