Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 8- Republic to Colville 63 miles

Today was a doozy of a day. Sherman Pass proved itself to be fairly tough, despite the smaller elevation change on the map. In addition to the challenge of the climb, we were also trying to outrun a thunderstorm. I thought we'd had it beat, but on the very long, very chilly descent (temperatures in the 50's, flying down a mountain with sweat from the ascent chilling your whole body...brr), it hit us. First it was raining. No problem. Raincoats on, and Jamie graciously threw a dry bag over my sleeping kit. Then it started hailing. We bailed into a rock bank on the shoulder of the highway, Jamie ripped open a tarp, and the three of us huddled under it, giggling as hail pebbles pelted our makeshift ceiling. 
A mile or two after the hail stopped, Jamie realized she'd forgotten her handlebar bag. She unloaded her bike and sprinted back up the mountain like a champion. 
The descent finally over, we stopped in Kettle Falls for exquisite chicken burritos at Rios Tacos. $5.50 for a huge, delicious burrito? Yes. 
In Colville, we stopped at Safeway and loaded up on groceries, the prospect of a real kitchen at the Bacon Bike Hostel just a few miles east of town in mind. 
Finally, around 8, we made it to the hostel, where we cooked dinner, showered, and visited with Aaron, who started in Lansing and is headed to Seattle!
Finally reached the top!
Second dinner.

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