Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 19 Galata to Havre- 80 miles

Havre sucks.
We rolled in, exhausted, hungry, and in need of a shower. We were so in a daze that we rode around and sat in a park trying to figure out what to do. The strip of chain restaurants was exhausting and irritating to even ride past. Finally, we decided on Subway for dinner number one. I ate a footlong tuna sandwich with avocado in about three minutes.
We then scoped out the city park, cleared our campsite with the officials, and were warned by the man across the street about the sketchy neighborhood the park butted up against. 
Time for dinner number two, Jamie and I ran down to the sorry corner store and got ice cream. It was good ice cream, but not exactly what the doctor ordered. 
Our tents set up, we took bird baths in the gross bathrooms, and did some sink laundry. 
At about 11:30, having just dozed off, there was a nice little rain shower. We staked our rain flies down, tossed our wet laundry into the tent, and stuffed everything we could under the tarp our bikes were under. The rain shower ended up being the hand of God warning us of the chaos that was to ensue at 3am...
The sprinklers came on. 
It was hilarious. Jamie and I scurried around, trying to figure out what to do. In our fluster, we heard older kids vandalizing the playground. And when I say older kids, I do mean college-aged. Really, Havre. Find something to do. 
Finally, Jeremy put his army general voice on and told us to scope out the enemies and stick water bottles over them. It worked! The force of the sprinkler actually kept the water bottle down. Five minutes after we crawled back into our stinky, now-clammy tents, we were bombarded by the next set of emerging sprinklers. Water bottles saved the day again, and Jamie and Jeremy moved their tent to avoid being flooded out by the puddle that was about to form under the thwarted sprinkler head.

$1.39 Chapstick
$4.00 snacks 
$6 Subway

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