Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 24- Circle to Glendive- 45 miles

The five of us hit up the grocery store for some brekkie, and then were on our way to what might have been Wibaux, MT, if not for a thunderstorm. We stopped in Glendive for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, where I ate this burrito:
...and could've eaten a second.
We then rested for a few minutes in a gazebo, where we noticed an enormous storm front closing in on us. After hemming and hawing about what to do, we raced to Makoshika State Park to check it out before the rain came. It wasn't long before we were feeling fairly threatened, and so we booked it back to town and hung out at the bar for an hour or two, our bikes locked and tarped under an awning. At 7:30, we all ducked next door to watch Turbo. Cute, but could've been better. Afterwards, the second storm front moved in, and we hung out at the bar for a while longer. Jeremy manned the jukebox for a bit, and Casey played "ducks" a few too many times. I rested my head in the corner, making my underagedness invisible, and wished that the rain would stop so we could just get to the park and go to sleep. I'd been sleepy since lunch. 
Finally, the rain let up enough for us to scoot over to the park and set up camp inside the picnic table pavilion. My tent isn't free-standing, so with Jeremy and Jamie's guidance (and my lack of cohesiveness) we draped a tarp between two picnic tables (just in case) and I slid under it and slept on my air mat on the concrete. What a day.

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