Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 14- Rexford to Whitefish Lake- 64 miles

Today was challenging. We were all anxiously anticipating a rest day tomorrow, and the miles didn't exactly fly by. Most of the day was spent pedaling on highway 93, where there was no shoulder, and vacationers pulling huge mobile houses failed miserably at respecting our space. Fortunately,  I was feeling pretty strong until the last five miles of the day. 
We stopped for lunch in between towns the size of a Lynden cul-de-sac, and I got the taco salad I've been dreaming about (although the one in my dreams involved guacamole and a little less iceberg...).
We're now camping at Whitefish Lake, just a mile outside of town, which has been a bit of another disappointment. We rolled up pretty stoked about a $7 hiker/biker site, only to learn it's $15 for non-residents of Montana, and oh, you have two bite-sized tents to pitch on the communal tent pad of pea gravel it's impossible to drive the stakes of your non-freestanding tent into?  That'll be $30. Happy Sunday. 
The color of Dickey Lake was incredible.
$10 lunch
$15 campsite
$25 total

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